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14 Aug 2014 15:35

(Received in post today from Richard Younger-Ross, Martin Wrigley and Gary Taylor - 'Team Dawlish')


From June next year your green wheelie bin will only be emptied if you pay £35 a year to have your garden waste collected - there will be another smaller bin for food waste.


People who do not wish to pay the £35 will either have to compost all their garden waste themselves or take it to the tip.  This will obviously be awkward for everyone.  The amount of green waste produced by even a small garden is substantial.  Not everyone has space for a composter and how will the elderly and those without cars get to the tip?


In our opinion this policy will result in more fly-tipping in our beautiful countryside.  Rubbish is increasingly dumped in gateways and over hedges - we have all seen a significant escalation in this anti social practice in our lanes since the introduction of charges at Marsh Barton and Brunel Road tips.


Please help us make the Council think again on this unfair garden tax - for years this has been part of the Council's service to you, paid for through the Council Tax.


Please sign the petition on the back of this letter and send it back to us or sign online at

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
14 Aug 2014 17:31

Rip of Britain..... I have also read that the council are contemplating bringing back the WINDOW TAX from the middle ages. Also if your property is facing South there will be an additional tax for getting more sunlight into your property. The SEX TAX will follow in 2016 due to EU directives.............. those in thier late 90s will be exempt.


Ps I did sign the petition not that it affects me to much as we don't have a garden and we have a waste disposal for kitchen waste, but signing for the greater good.


1 Agree
14 Aug 2014 17:50

But our council will be happy to go above and beyond if you happen to be a business!

15 Aug 2014 13:21

To one and all.  The reason behind councils wanting more money is becauseeeeeeee, wait for it!.   Local authorites are being deprived of cash, and why. ?.  Now this is the difficult bit.


Across Western Europe the role of the State plays a vital part in investment and subsidy.  The EU spends much more of its GNP on its vital services at both local and national level that our right wing government's have since the 80's.  As a result in Britain, local authorities are forced to either increase local taxation, or find money by other more personal means.

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