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Dawlish Town Council planning committee @18.6.20 PARISH: DAWLISH WARD: Dawlish South West APPLICATION REF: 20/00805/FUL LOCATION: Site of Shell Cove House 19 Old Teignmouth Road Dawlish Devon EX7 0NJ PROPOSAL: Formation of six dwellings, garages and associated works Comment: RESOLVED unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends REFUSAL of this application due to the ...

Those liners could be berthed offshore for quite some time given Carnival's dire financial state.

2020 will go down in history as one of the times when our social structure and government went totally tits up.

2 weeks ago,out%20of%20the%20local%20rates.

2 weeks ago

Reminds me of my childhood.

Inside the two incredible cruise ships currently anchored off Devon coast

and then read this: Free school meals: ‘I only eat one meal a day so my children don’t go hungry’

2 weeks ago

and if the plane painting jobby wasn't bad enough now some Tories want money spent on not one but two new royal yachts. What planet do these people live on?! Boris Johnson asked by Penny Mordaunt to be 'bold' in ... › News › Defence 11 hours ago - ... Royal Yacht Britannia' in a 'bold' plan drawn up ...

As is pointed out in the article below (see link) the UK state pension is presently based on the National Insurance contributions of an individual not that individual's wealth. If the government were to suddenly make it means tested wouldn't that be moving the goal posts just a tad too far? The goal posts have already been moved remember by the raising of the state pension age (now 66 years).  ...

The Carnival Breeze has now arrived.

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