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Fuel Tax Petition
15 Mar 2022

The Environment Agency is presently objecting to this link road bridge planning application at Shutterton Brook/Secmaton Farm on flood risk grounds.

Dawlish Link - Elm Grove Road to A379 Exeter Road Extracts from the Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment to Devon County Council’s cabinet July 2021 Area 3 = Secmaton Farm My emphasis in red. “ Following a refusal of planning permission for 201 dwellings in Area 3, the landowner of Area 3 has written to TDC to advise that they currently no longer wish ...

13 Mar 2022

Brits offered £350 pcm to house Ukraine refugees as part of UK effort to help

.I have now had it confirmed from TDC that there is no agreed sequential development of the Gatehouse Farm/Secmaton Farm/NHS land (now being developed by Persimmon) and that the big Gatehouse development will start, if necessary, without the link road being in place. the absence of the link road all construction traffic with regard to the Gatehouse Farm development will need to use ...

Okay so.......see my posting above dated 29th September 2021 concerning Cllr Wrigley's remarks and Compulsory Purchase Order. I have been looking through the planning document concerned with the development of the Gatehouse Farm/Secmaton Farm/Persimmon Development area. The link road will go across these three areas. In the planning document that I have been looking at it says the ...

and this is what Dawlish Town Council's planning committee recommends: Decision: 22/00148/MAJ - Gatehouse Farm, Secmaton Lane, Dawlish Resolved that this Council recommends No Objection to this application subject to the following: ·         This Council raised great concerns about access for construction traffic. This Council required: o   there be a suitable construction ...

A new Teignbridge lottery to raise money for good causes has been given the go-ahead by councillors. Tickets will be priced at £1 and can only be purchased online, a report to the council’s executive this week explained, with 20 per cent of sales going into the prize pot and a £25,000 jackpot. Read more,,, ...

Without boring anyone further, I always try to avoid causing an obstruction on the highway, others seem able to do that for me quite successfully!

10 Mar 2022

I'm sure everyone is fed up with this, so I'll say one thing more and then shut up.  Promise. Note the 'not causing obstructions' phrase in Lynne's post. Cassandra's original post seemed to imply that householders must be able to park outside their property even if by doing so they cause an obstruction. If that was not what you meant then I apologise.

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