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Dawlish Museum

Inside Dawlish Museum


For over 40 years, Dawlish Museum has become the must-see attraction in this beautiful seaside town. Housing artefacts from the Victorian era to the present day, it has eleven rooms on three floors covering all walks of life.

Industries Room

The Industries Room shows the various trades carried on in Dawlish and features the Fire Cart.

The Hall & Kitchen

In the hall there is a fine collection of souvenir Dawlish crested ware, then on to the Victorian / Edwardian Kitchen with its many gadgets of the time, including this "modern" mouse trap.

Mouse Trap (Unpublished)

Display Room

In the display room, we feature "All about Dawlish" with many old maps of the town, Then and Now photographs with features on Dawlish Violets, the Black Swans, Tourism, our famous Carnival, the Railway and much more.

Farming implements of a bygone age alone with a man trap are also featured on this floor.

First Floor

The first floor is extremely child friendly with rooms dedicated to all things Dolls and Teddies and a new feature of boys toys from ages past with a selection of collectable annuals.

A dressmaker works in the quiet of the lovely Victorian Parlour which includes one of the early sewing machines. She works while alongside her children play on the fine rocking horse.

The Front Room

In the front room, are photographs of some of the Guide Dogs sponsored by the Dawlish Dog Training School for over 25 years.

Dog Training

In the same room, we have a collection of fascinating railway artefacts, pictures and maps.

Mouse Trap (Unpublished)

Don't miss the Porcelain Room which houses fine examples of Devon Pottery, pressed glass, coronation souvenirs, the beautiful crafted State Coach by local model maker and an 1845 Broadwood square piano.

The late Piper Bill Millin

In the Library on the ground floor we have a tribute to the late Piper Bill Millin who passed away in 2010 after living in Dawlish for some 47 years. The display includes his famous D-Day bagpipes, the kilt made originally for his farther and his Commando beret, Other times of his life are depicted in photographs, many of which have been loaned to us, for which we are grateful.

Piper Bill Millin

There is also a tribute to both Esla Godfrey, the founder of the Museum and a talented artist and Judith Godfrey. her daughter a former Chairman.

Top Floor

The tableau on the top floor depicts a General Store dated around the 2nd World War with all its restrictions and rationing. It sells absolutely everything from potatoes to paraffin and cure-alls to bacon - and all weighed on the same set of scales!! Alongside is the depiction of a typical bedroom for an evacuee with her few belongings. Dawlish played host to many hundreds of evacuees during that conflict.

Other Exhibits

  • Other exhibits include:
  • Geology
  • Tribute board to the Services
  • When the Americans crash-landed here
  • Victorian Post Box
  • Archaeology
  • Penny Farthing Bicycle

Meeting Room

We have a meeting room, Jo's Room available for school visits, meetings, research and training. Please ring for details.

Meeting Room