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Could be a great opportunity to show how things are done properly with the cooperation of the towns folk (whether 'outsiders' or not!)

Hi Purfect - I think there's been some confusion.  There are two events.  The Let's Rock Exeter is not the same as the Radio 1 big weekend although both are being held at Powderham.  The Radio 1 Big Weekend is in May whilst the Let's Rock Exeter is in July. Not that I'm making excuses for the council paying £100k towards this of course!

@Lynne , don't you mean "free"? ;)

@Daverc - this is because these were the regionals which means tsw juniors joined up with plymouth to represent the south west.  this news item is from a 'dawlish' perspective but tsw juniors aren't just made up with dawlish people, there's children from a lot of the surrounding areas, we just mainly train in dawlish and teignmouth in the summer.

29 Feb 2016

TSW Dawlish Octopush Juniors took to the road last weekend to contest the British Regional Championships.  They combined with colleagues from Plymouth and Helston to represent The South West at Under 16, Under 14 and U12 Age Groups.  Competing against The North, South East, Wales and their own South West colleagues, they “medalled” in every age group.  The South West are very strong nationally, ...

NEW PLANS for a clifftop development in Dawlish that propose a contemporary take on coastal living have been submitted to Teignbridge Council. Developer Pegasus Life bought the former family holiday complex at Shell Cove House in Old Teignmouth Road in 2014 and had initially wanted to bulldoze it and replace it with 31 apartments. Following objections from Network Rail that the scheme if ...

Police warning after series of burglaries in Dawlish POLICE in Dawlish are warning the public to be vigilant after a series of burglaries. They happened in Plantation Terrace on February 2 between 8am and 4.50pm, and Goodridge Close between 5pm on February 1 and 3.45pm on February 3. Read on ...

very interesting @Lynne , thanks for posting.  i don't understand the secrecy at all and why we should give the bbc any money.  if they can't afford £100,000 then perhaps they should cut the salaries of some of their 'top' presenters.  i understand that for example chris evans 'earns' an estimated £1.6 million per annum.  paying for this would be small fry.  on the plus side, councillor hook has ...

14 Feb 2016

No sorry I completely disagree Lynne.  The Councils are constantly pleading tightened budgets so how does £100,000 fit in with this and why are we financially supporting Powderham and the BBC?!  I feel the way it's been funded has been devious and underhanded by both the BBC and the councils.  Crowd funding for the Hedley Centre anyone?  Need I say more.

13 Feb 2016

But don't you think all the restaurants and hotels in Dawlish will benefit from this event?  Oh wait ...

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