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Mobeen Dabigman

very interesting @Lynne , thanks for posting.  i don't understand the secrecy at all and why we should give the bbc any money.  if they can't afford £100,000 then perhaps they should cut the salaries of some of their 'top' presenters.  i understand that for example chris evans 'earns' an estimated £1.6 million per annum.  paying for this would be small fry.  on the plus side, councillor hook has ...

14 Feb 2016

No sorry I completely disagree Lynne.  The Councils are constantly pleading tightened budgets so how does £100,000 fit in with this and why are we financially supporting Powderham and the BBC?!  I feel the way it's been funded has been devious and underhanded by both the BBC and the councils.  Crowd funding for the Hedley Centre anyone?  Need I say more.

13 Feb 2016

But don't you think all the restaurants and hotels in Dawlish will benefit from this event?  Oh wait ...

12 Feb 2016

CRITICS have raised concerns about the £100,000 Teignbridge Council is paying towards hosting Radio 1’s Big Weekend at Powderham. The free two-day concert will feature Coldplay, Ellie Goulding and Craig David and is expected to attract 50,000 people on both days. But the revelation that the district council has forked out so much money has raised some eyebrows. The mayor of Dawlish, Cllr ...

PLANS have been submitted to build 21 houses on the site of a former entertainment facility in Dawlish Warren. The Peppermint Club in Warren Road was closed in 2007 and has remained derelict since. Plans for 16 houses on the site had previously been approved, but the developer are now applying for an additional five houses to be built on the site. Read full story ...

Ah, more detail in there, thanks Ziggy.  It seems to be taking the route along the wall rather than through the path where the garden area is.  Once they come out at the bus stop there's still the dangerous bit round the bend and I can't see how they will get around that.  I still think the more sensible idea would have been to have the cycle path come out at Beach Street. They could have 'killed ...

9 Dec 2015

So is, or isn't it, going through Lanherne?

A man was treated for smoke inhalation last night after a fire broke out in an Indian takeaway in Dawlish. Firefighters were called to Bombay Delight at 7.13pm following reports of a fire. Read on ...

AMAZING photographs were captured in Dawlish of the train that was yesterday named to honour Harry Patch, the last survivor of the First World War. The train carries the famous Ode of Remembrance from Laurence Binyon's 1914 poem 'For the Fallen'. The train passed through Dawlish yesterday, heading back to Plymouth shortly after it's official naming ceremony in Bristol, and will be travelling ...

A CRACKDOWN on crime, drunkeness and anti-social behaviour in Dawlish on Bonfire Night resulted in a number of stop-checks, searches and police 'disruption' of known individuals. The South Devon Tasking Team held a proactive day to hep cut down on anti-social behaviour in the area in the ongoing operation to clampdown on crime. Working with neighbourhood officers, the high visibility patrol ...

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