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Teignbridge District Council

17 Feb 2024 11:24
Teignbridge District Council, by removing the bridge in the Manor you have removed a Public Right of Way. Surely this is illegal?
Very sad day, Teignbridge District Council have removed the Bridge from the top of the Manor and judging by the fence posts and kerbs being installed have no intention of replacing it %uD83D%uDE22. The charm of Dawlish is being eroded bit by bit, year on year


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Teignbridge District Council aren't bothered by what most of us know is illegal.

Just look at how the Lib Dem run Council breached an opposition Councillor's human rights over a 3 year period, spending thousands of taxpayers rates on a sham investigation that should never have been initiated - simply because this Councillor dare oppose their dodgy handling of planning. The Local Government Ombudsman report highlighted how TDC acted unlawfully.

Dawlish Lib Dem Councillor and Leader of TDC, Martin Wrigley is hellbent on spending £1.45 million of taxpayers money on changes to Queen St. in Newton Abbot that traders and residents overwhelmingly oppose. The Lib Dems wanted to spend more millions of taxpayers money on changes to the Alexandra Theatre and Market Square in Newton abbot that again local people overwhelmingly opposed.

Maybe if Wrigley's Lib Dems and his Tory allies chose not to spend millions on projects that only benefit development companies and their shareholders there would be sufficient funds to replace the Manor Park bridge in Dawlish.


The sheer wastage and lack of democracy is deeply concerning for the whole District. Especially given austerity and the cost of living crisis, which Wrigley a resident of more affluent Cockwood seems totaly out of touch with.


It is telling that no Lib Dem voters have so far come to Wrigley's defence. And he wants to become our MP later this year!

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19 Feb 2024 18:04

He wants to become our mp EVERY year

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@1263 This year in particular.  He wants to become MP full stop. Where and representing whom probably doesn't matter at all.

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