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10 Feb 2024 16:22

When are the libm  dem controlled council going to replace the bridge in the manor park. This has been closed for over a year and we get responses like " were looking into it." This is the council that has spent thousands in making Forde HQ " zero neural" and empolyed a climate change officer at circa £35k a year then tell you there is no money available. This lot are too busy playing politics instead of fixing local issues...


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25 Feb 2024 10:31

ALMOST 300 people have signed a petition calling for the reinstatement of a well-used Dawlish bridge after it was completely removed with little warning.


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Why does it take a petition which was started by a Councillor to try to get any action?

What does it say about our Councils and Councillors that they have to resort to a petition?

It's all very last resort isn't it.

Don't people know that Mayor Rosie Dawson who started the petition as well as being a Dawlish Councillor is a Teignbridge District Councillor too?

She is a Lib Dem Councillor.

The Lib Dems are the ruling party in both Dawlish Town and Teignbridge District Councils.

Out of the 16 Dawlish Councillors, 5 of them also represent Dawlish in Teigbnbridge District Council; Dawson, Foden, Goodman-Bradbury, M. James and Wrigley.

All 5 District Coucillors are Lib Dems. They are not representing Dawlish well at the District level.

10 out of the 16 Town Councillors are Lib Dems, they have the majority. So why the inaction? Especially given their party controls Teigbridge District Council.

Councillor Wrigley is both the Leader of the Lib Dems in Teignbridge and the Leader of teignbridge District Council.

So Dawson feels the need to petition her own party and Leader???

Doesn't this say a lot about the state of local government, the ineptitide of the Lib Dems who run both Councils?

Why can't the simply call a motion, debate this and take action?

Why does it need a petition and 300 signatories to get Dawson's own party to act?

It's pathetic.

Wrigley and his Lib Dem Executive in Teignbridge District Council clearly aren't  interested in Dawlish issues.

He's too busy on the General Election campaign trail now and courting potential voters in Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, etc.

For Dawson it grabs the headlines and makes it look like she's a 'doer' to people who probably dfon't even know she's a District Councillor and part of the ruling party.

She attends District Council meetings at Forde House - why can't she use her clout as a District Councillor?

Why hasn't Wrigley who is a Town, District and County Councillor for Dawlish AND Leader of Teignbridge District Council done nothing about the Manor park Bridge?

Oh yes, he's too busy electioneering elsewhere in the Constituency (Teignmouth, Newton, etc) in the hope that he becomes our next MP!

Or he's too busy defending his anti-democratic party's disastrous and costly plans for Newton Abbot on the TV - plans that local residents and traders overwhelmingly oppose.

Local people can petition Councils and the Government - when a Councillor does so it shows how the system is dysfunctional.


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28 Feb 2024 08:01
Update on Manor Gardens Bridge …
"Met with Teignbridge officers and we agreed they would get more specific costings so we can see what we need to find to install a new bridge. It cannot be replaced with a wooden bridge as construction guidelines have changed considerably in the last ten years, meaning the cheaper options are out.
It’s really clear from the petition so far that locals are in support of replacement and that’s great in order to evidence the strength of feeling, especially given predicted costs and challenges."



Where is the update from? Who met with Teignbridge Officers?

28 Feb 2024 09:52


The Mayor of Dawlish Cll Rosie Dawson


And where was the quote published? Why not provide the source?

And what are your thoughts on that update?

@Ziggy if you don't want to discuss the Manor Gardens bridge why don't you post your news item and updates in the News section? And please reference the quote (the paper or website, etc), otherwise why should anyone believe this quote was from Cllr Dawson?


Why can't the bridge be constructed from wood? It is a renewable resource, cheaper than metal and it only has to bear the weight of pedestrians. Construction guidelines have changed to benefit certain industries and certain contractors favoured by Councillors and Council Officers, The bridge contract could have been awarded to a local craftsperson(s); and wood would look much better.


Why does a Councillor need to start a petition 'in order to evidence strength of feeling'? Surely this is what a consultation is for? Such as with the current skate park consultation.


I don't see why evidence is needed to fulfil Council obligations - the relevant levels of local government should just get on with doing their jobs.


It’s NOT really clear from the petition so far that locals are in support of replacement. A petition of 300 signatories demonstrates that 300 people are in support of replacement, that's all.

The population of Dawlish was estimated to be some 13500 in 2019, now given all the housing development it will be even higher.


If a Councillor feels the need to build a case to demonstrate support for replacing the bridge, then surely Teignbridge Officers and Councillors could point out that 300 signatories does not necessarily indicate widespread support, given the population size of sprawling Dawlish.

Doesn't this seem a weak argument? Offering false hope to the few hundred who genuinely care and show an interest. Maybe the majority aren't aware or just don't care?


As I've mentioned before, it also shows that local government is dysfunctional. It shouldn't have to come to a petition.

It also shows the ineptitude of the ruling party in both Dawlish Town Council and Teignbridge, namely  the Lib Dems. Cllr Dawson is a LIb Dem Town and District Cllr as is Dawlish NE Cllr Wrigley, who is also Leader of Teignbridge District Council.


There is a Town Councillor Surgery on Saturday 10 a.m to 12 p.m at St Mary's Hall, Dawlish Warren;


"...a new surgery system, similar to those operated by many MPs, where any concerns within the parish may be raised."


"Councillors will be on hand to discuss any issues raised by members of the public, to give general advice on any local issue and provide help and support where required. Where issues raised fall outside of the Town Council’s jurisdiction, residents will be directed onto other relevant authorities, if possible."


Elsewhere it has been described as a chance to 'chat' to Councillors as I imagine they'd prefer not to answer any difficult questions and come under any scrutiny at all, preferring a 'cosy social' and wishing they'd stayed in bed.


Maybe they'll ask you to sign their latest petition?


N.B. The Town Council will not publish in advance which 2 Councillors will be in attendance, citing safety concerns.

You can ring up the Council Council offices and after much shuffling of paper and asking around or stalling, they will eventually call you back and tell you which two are holding surgery.


If you want to discuss the Manor Park bridge, this Saturday in particular would be a good day to attend.


If you do attend a Councillor Surgery I wouldn't go with high hopes or any expectations.


Does anyone have an opinion on the Manor Park bridge petition?

Is it a last resort or simply a headline grabber?

Is a replacement bridge a priority?

Do you think Councillor's posing as 'activists' and campaigners means the role of the Council is now defunct?


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