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General Discussion

28 Aug 2022 08:45

and here's another children's indoor play facility, in Newton Abbot, that I know Dawlish people go to. Again, like Ibounce, it seems this business likes industrial estates on which to be located.

The point I am making is this - we are having increasing numbers of new houses in the parish which will inevitably bring with them young families.

If we have young families we should have the necessaray infrastructure to meet their needs and an indoor play area is one bit of that infrastructure.

To my knowledge Dawlish does not have an indoor children's play area. If we had one wouldn't more children be able to use it after all not all families have access to a car and aren't we supposed to be trying to reduce car usage (the cost of petrol/diesel alone should see to that!). 

Rant over. 

Info here about Bear Feet.


Bear Feet Exeter and Bear Feet Newton Abbot are large comfortable play centres. They are both situated conveniently for everyone. We host kids parties and ...


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