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General Discussion

09 Jun 2022 14:24
Alternative Reference PP-10493417
Application Received Thu 26 May 2022
Application Validated Mon 30 May 2022
Address Gatehouse Farm Secmaton Lane Dawlish Devon EX7 0LW
Proposal Approval of details for 149 dwellings, landscape works, public open space, play space and infrastructure (approval sought for access, layout, landscaping, scale and appearance)
Status Pending Consideration


09 Jun 2022 14:26

see ;


So, how will the developer(s) access this site? Via the, yet to be built, Gatehouse Farm/Sainsbury's roundabout link road or via Elm Grove Road/Sandy Lane/Elm Grove Drive?

Answers on a postcard please.  

16 Jul 2022 10:01

This planning application is on the agenda at the upcoming (Thursday 21st July) meeting of Dawlish Town Council's planning committee. 

23 Jul 2022 07:20


Resolved that this Council recommends refusal on the grounds that:


·         The Committee has severe concerns regards the link road alignment from this site to the adjoining application site 21/02674 (see image below and ‘X’ marker),

·         The Committee has concerns regards which application (22/01067/MAJ or 22/01042/MAJ) covers the link road access from Gatehouse School end; and


·         The green corridor running between application sites 22/01067/MAJ and 22/01042/MAJ is insufficient and not wide enough.

It was further resolved that should the Planning Officer be minded to approve the application, the Town Council Planning Committee requests that the application is called-in to the Teignbridge Planning Committee for determination.


The following further comments were made:


·         Garages should be wide enough to accommodate modern vehicles,

·         Driveways should be constructed using permeable materials; and

·         Fences should have hedgehog access.


The Committee was pleased to note the inclusion of a solar gain plan with the application.


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