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Planning app re 27 Badlake Hill seeking outline planning permission for one dwelling and integral garage. Ref 21/00150/OUT

11 May 2022 14:05

This application will be considered at the TDC planning committee meeting being held on Tuesday 17th May.

Officer recommendation is for approval.

District councillors are Cllr John Petherick and Cllr Gary Taylor. 


Dawlish Town Council have requested that this application is referred to the Planning Committee for determination if the case officer is recommending the application for approval for the following reasons: • Lack of parking • Reduced access • Increased traffic levels on a narrow hill • Overdevelopment of the site • Biodiversity concerns with the removal of a green corridor 

18 May 2022 11:34

Cllr Martin Wrigley spoke in favour.

Cllr John Petherick  spoke against and suggested the decision be deferred to allow a site meeting to take place. This was Agreed (7 votes for, 3 against). 

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