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07 May 2022 08:43

Given all the objections and concerns that have been lodged of late by statutory consultees about the drainage and flood issues on land already identified for housing development in Dawlish, it has crossed my mind why this matter was never thought about when the land was accepted by TDC and the Planning Inspector as being suitable for development back in 2013/2014. Or was it? and was it ignored? 

I have found two links from 2015 &


This matter is of importance as even more land in the same area has now been put forward for development (around Langdon and the Dawlish countryside park). We will see how much of this land is seriously being considered for development by TDC when the draft Local Plan is put out for public consultation sometime this summer.


Given the number of houses that are scheduled to be built in Dawlish and given also where the vast majority of land made available for potential development in the parish is located (Langdon and the countryside park area) I suspect that a far whack of that land will be in the upcoming draft Local Plan as being identified for future housing development. 

Will any potential flood/drainage issues associated with developing all this land for more housing have been taken into consideration?  Or will we find ourselves yet again in a situation where development of land, identified for housing, gets delayed and delayed because of drainage and flood issues that only get raised after the land has been identified and accepted for future development?






11 May 2022 14:21

Click on this link and you should be able to see the flood risk in the Secmaton/Langdon/Shutterton areas and down to Dawlish Warren.


and also this link (and then click on Dawlish Warren) to see the DW Critical Drainage Area ;

21 May 2022 07:35

I have found a  newspaper article from November 2019 concerning the potential flood/sea level circa 2050 in the Exe estuary area if sea levels continue to rise.


The article shows that land to the west of Dawlish Warren (Secmaton/Langdon/Shutterton) at being at risk from rising sea levels., This area already has had new houses built, and is also where it is planned that even more new houses should be built. 


Click on this link and then scroll down to Exe Estuary.


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