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Will Dawlish Countryside Park need to be renamed?

28 Jul 2021 07:06

Just a bit of fun really (although it does relate to a serious issue). 


I've mentioned before that should future development take place on what is known as 'the Dawlish North site' then this park, presently surrounded by countryside, might need to be renamed as it will then be surrounded by housing. It already has the Redrow development to the south and the future proposed development would surround it with more housing to the west (either side of the A379), either side of its car park, and to the north up as far as St Mary's cottages.


The more I look at the other proposed large site in that area (Langdon) the more I think that Langdon will be fraught with development problems (not least the absence of access caused by the absence of the infamously missing link road between Sainsbury's roundabout and Gatehouse Farm house/Elm Grove area). 


Anyone any thoughts on (polite) new name suggestions for the park?

28 Jul 2021 11:36

"Teignbridge scam park".   They know they are going to build houses on it eventually

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30 Jul 2021 17:09

As all this proposed housebuilding would end up taking away so much of what is presently open country, it's been suggested to me that the present Dawlish countryside park might become the local place to go to find countryside.

So perhaps the park  could be renamed : " What's left of the Dawlish country side, park".

And on its signage there could be little motifs of ribbons. A nod to the ribbon development along the A379.  

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