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Vigilante community speed watch cockwombles

25 Jun 2021 15:36

To the pair of total cockwombles stood on the grass verge at St Mary's cottages pointing a speed gun at motorists. Are you aware that if you cause an accident by distracting drivers with your stupid vigilante activity you will be held personally responsible. How do you consider you are aiding the community by reporting your fellow locals to the police for minding their own business and just getting on with their lives. For gods sake its a road the width of a motorway with grass verges on either side and its a 40mph section.

If you really want to help the community in relation to road traffic then get your interfearing arses down to Cockwood and Starcross where the back road is closed and absolute chaos is prevailing.

You people need to get a life and stop sticking your goody two shoes over sized noses into other peoples business.

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28 Jun 2021 10:32

Typical, I guess. Speeding is everyone's business. Speed kills and excess speed kills. 

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