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30 May 2021 09:10
Gatehouse school- Damage to School Property
Over the recent months, teenagers have entered Gatehouse school site outside of normal school hours on a number of occasions. There has been damage to equipment, seating broken and fires lit in the Forest School fire pit. Last week, the children were especially upset to find that the newly constructed bug hotel had been pushed over. We ask that members of the community, particularly those who live near to school, report any trespassers or incidents of antisocial behaviour using the Devon and Cornwall online reporting form:
We are also doing high visibility patrols around the area. Please speak with your children to make sure they are not the offenders.


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31 May 2021 13:53

We need police officers to actually walk the beat not just shoot passed in a police car with the windows up a couple of times a week. These ferals use places like Boat Cove and other tucked out of the way places to get up to no good.

There used to be a pcso that actually went around Dawlish talking to the kids and adults. Haven't seen him in a long while most probably made the rest look bad. Local knowledge is required to police towns like Dawlish.

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