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General Discussion

19 Apr 2021 17:11

I wondered why, some few months back now, a new gate had been installed to this field. Now I know. 


Application Details '21/00572/FUL'


Documents related to this Application are available here.

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The Field , Warren Road, Dawlish Warren, Devon, EX7 0NG
Dawlish North East
Change of use from agricultural to a campsite (twenty-six standard sized bell tents), erection of a toilet/shower block, a reception, a communal open barn/picnic area and associated works
Full Planning Application
Decision Level:
Delegated Decision
Case officer:
Date received:
Date validated:
Publicity expiry:
Target date:
Decision issued:
Applicant name:
Mr Lane
Applicant address:
80 Lyme Cross Road, Liverpool, L36 8HA


30 Jun 2021 11:32

From looking at the documents relating to the present Local Plan review, it looks as though this land is also up for consideration as a future housing development site.  It is referred to as being part of Warren Farm, which it isn't, in the site options for Dawlish document.

3. Land at Warren Farm

The site lies to north east of Dawlish, between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren. It comprises 2 parcels of land. The larger parcel of land is flat, gently sloping pasture land with hedge boundaries and a coastal aspect, with a small frontage onto Warren Road. There is a telecommunication mast on north west border and adjacent to sewage works to north. The smaller parcel of land lies at the corner of Warren Road and Mount Pleasant and is a flat, grassed area, enclosed by hedges. 

01 Jul 2021 05:50

The camping application was refused so I'd be surprised if homes were allowed to be built there. 

Which the farmer who owns Warren Farm will no doubt be rubbing his grubby hands together about. 

01 Jul 2021 06:59

The planning application was recommended for refusal by Dawlish Town Council's planning committee. (see below for the reasons why). DTC planning committee have no decision making powers. That rests with Teignbridge District Council's planning officers and planning committee. The application is yet to be determined and Dawlish Town Council have requested that it be determined by planning committee councillors rather than planning committee officers.


This field is in completely different ownership from that of Warren Farm although I take the point about mega amounts of money to be made by landowners should their land be identified for future housing development.


Reasons why Dawlish Town Council recommended refusal:

"Comment: RESOLVED by majority of Members present and voting that this Council recommends REFUSAL of this application for the following reasons:

·       Overdevelopment

·       Overbearing

·       Design is likely to cause noise issues

·       Surface water going to the main sewer adds to existing drainage issues

·       Concerns regarding the road access, noting ambiguity of permission for the gate – further clarity required

·       Loss of habitat

·       Overall impact on amenity of local residents

·       Lack of seasonal restrictions as per the surrounding fields


It was further RESOLVED to request the application be considered by Teignbridge District Council Planning Committee should the officer be minded to approve."


21 Sep 2022 09:41

This planning application is on the agenda at the TDC Planning Committee meeting scheduled for 27/9/22.

Officer recommendation is for Approval. 

29 Sep 2022 12:18

Planning application approved.

(Btw - this bit of land was also submitted to TDC as a possible site for new housing. Outcome of the Local Plan consultation showing what land has been selected for development and what not is scheduled to be made public Jan 2023). 

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