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General Discussion

13 Jan 2021 09:04

This is on the agenda at the next Dawlish Town Council planning committee meeting. Seems it's a request for planning permission to extend the time that people can occupy caravans on the site from 50 weeks per year to 52. (for this year only?)

Documents related to this Application are available here.

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Golden Sands Holiday Park , Week Lane, Dawlish, EX7 0LZ
Dawlish North East
Variation of condition 3 on planning permission 16/02739/MAJ (Use of land for the siting of static caravans, tourers and caravan and camping, including ancillary buildings, for holiday use between 1st March and 14th February (inclusive)) to allow the holiday units to be occupied for holiday purposes between 14th February and end of February 2021

Major Application  

15 Jan 2021 15:50

Comment: RESOLVED unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends REFUSAL of this application due to the unsuitability of holiday accommodation for permanent residence. It would set an undesirable precedent and should not be encouraged. It was noted that the national lockdown that came into effect after this application was made would also now have bearing.


It was further RESOLVED that after this pandemic is over that Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee should contact Teignbridge District Council for evidence of how residency is monitored to prevent holiday accommodation from being used as permanent residential accommodation.

29 Jan 2021 11:25

Planning permission granted. 

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