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Langstone cliff hotel

27 Aug 2020 18:34

What's going on there? £2.50 to park your car.!!! How to lose local business cryingcrying

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04 Sep 2020 10:02

Be aware the langstone cliff will charge you for parking if you do not spend a minimum of £3/person. So if you are a couple and spend less you ( Say a pot of tea )  will pay parking charges. Nothing on their website to alert you that this is  happening.

If you arrive at the  hotel and change your mind about buying anything there may be the possiblity that you have to pay a parking charge ( automated camera number recognition plate system) even if only there for a second.

The  alledged rational is that people are parking car and taking dog to the warren .- which is exarabted in summer, however this scheme will continue into winter and be constant.

Other  rationale- how can we get money from people after the covid. shutdown ?.....lets soak customers...

Surely people would use the new dog walking park in which parking is free just over the hill.?


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