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NHS Dental appts

17 Jul 2020 08:59

Just been told that my NHS dental check up has been cancelled. Only emergency treatment available.

So I asked if that would be the same if I was a private patient. Told "No, if you were a private patient you could have a check-up". 

So I said "Nothing to do with health and safety then, all to do with money".

Receptionist said she appreciated how bad that sounded but NHS dental guidelines is that treatment should be given for dental emergencies only 

So if you are a private patient you can have your gnashers checked out but not if you are an NHS patient. 

(and I was also informed that there would be an additional charge of £7.00 for the PPE they would use.) 


They have no idea when they will be able to see me (or any of the other NHS patients on their books).


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16 Sep 2020 21:30

I have just had to pay £150 before I have even seen the dentist as a private patient. Seems they are all on the same now. 

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