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General Discussion

09 Jul 2020 07:30

Please note that time is running out for responses to the part 1 of the Local Plan Review.

The closing date is July 15th.  The Local Plan is revised every 5 years.

You will find all the information on this link.

There is also a ‘Need to Know’ part which you may find helpful.


You can send your comments to TDC via email:

(I wonder if building link roads before houses will become a priority............?.laugh)

13 Jul 2020 10:02

Submission to TDC from DTC's Planning Committee


Teignbridge Local Plan Review Members resolved unanimously to submit a response with the following comments.

• To ensure the wording of the plan is clear and concise and is not open to interpretation.


• Climate change – (page 80). If trees are to be increased, existing woodland should also be retained with preservation orders in place.

• Environment EN2 – Undeveloped coast. The undeveloped coast between Dawlish Warren and where the Warren Road joins the town should be included and protected.

• Environment EN15 – Trees, hedges, and woodland. Devon banks should also be included and protected. Management plans should be long term.

• Environment EN15, Section 5 – ‘Measures to protect retained trees and traditional Devon hedges must be in place before and remain in place during the development process’. Members would like to see an additional specification to ensure that they are also protected and maintained afterwards, post development.

• Economy EC1 – With the recent transition for many to work from home following Covid-19 members would like to see developers encouraged to include the provision for home office space within their housing ranges and co-working spaces / shared office spaces within new developments.

• Sites of local importance – sites should be listed within an appropriate document.

• H15 – with reference to building outside the settlement area. Agricultural ties should be included on specifically built houses.

• Allotments – It would be desirable to add a ‘requirement’ for developers to include allotments within new developments with reference to health, well-being and climate change.

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