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What is wrong with this town?

Dawlish transplant
Dawlish transplant
12 Feb 2020 18:00

Why are so many pet owners irresponsible? Every day there is a new pile of dog poo in the middle of the Lawn or Tuck's Plot. But today, there is a massive pile (obviously from a large dog) right in the middle of the walkway on The Strand side of the Lawn. DISGUSTING!!! How lazy do you have to be not to pick up after your dog? STOP IT. There are responsible law abiding dog owners, myself and my husband being two of them, who pick up after their dogs and don't need to have to constantly sidestep some pile of shit left by a piece of shit. And if you don't like to be called a piece of shit, then CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOGS. IT'S THE LAW.

And while I'm at it, stop throwing your trash on the ground instead of using the bins that are not more than 10 steps away from any benches. I watched a slob throw a glass bottle on Tuck's Plot when there was a bin right next to where he had been loitering. Were you people brought up in a tip where it didn't matter where you threw anything? Learn some respect for both the town and its residents.

6 Agrees
12 Feb 2020 22:55

They don’t clear up after their dogs because they know they can get away with it. They are not responsible pet owners and shouldn’t have a dog in the first place because they put everyone else at risk with their disgusting behaviour.

5 Agrees
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