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The 2019 General Election Dec 12th

06 Nov 2019 13:25

Bluster and bull from all the parties for the next 5 weeks. Promises I have heard many times come a general election.

Same old swamp and same old stink.

My prediction for the 12 Dec 2019 and beyond will be the same old self serving, self opinitated trough gorging members of parliament will be reinstated to their thrones of greed and gluttony. Just as they have been for decades.


The voting system and especially the postal vote section is flawed and knowingly open to abuse.


In this day and age of the internet and the massive amount of historical data available to one and all. It amazes me , who in their right mind would still vote labour.

Last night I saw that even old Nigel has dropped his NO DEAL, HARD BREXIT. Now he is proposing an extension to article 50.


A 2016 referendum took place to leave the EU in its entirety by 17.4 million voters. The largest turnout in history, but No that wasn't the correct answers.


I completely dispair of the way this once proud and might country has been used by those in the EU and our government to disrespect DEMOCRACY. 

I think I will being voting labour at the GE just because I can,not because I want to, but because some people in this country need to learn a harsh and brutal lesson. 


The USA got trump, the EU got farage and now the UK will more than likely get corbyn...what joy that will be.


Long live the U.K.S.R


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07 Nov 2019 17:17

If you are white, heterosexual, christian in religion, british born and bred following several generations, non dependant on drugs, booze or benifits, own your home or business, dont belong to a gang and have managed to avoid prision or bankrupcy, then the UK is not the place for you anymore so why bother to vote.

No matter which party form the next government if your as above you will become a target for financial rip off via taxation, insurance, energy prices, etc. Classified as a racist by several government funded organisations with the backing of the communist state police, and not forgetting the more dangerous political groups that do not stand for election like the climate change brigade, antifa, the masons, to name but a few. 

Despite victory in two world wars this country is now the laughing stock of Europe and our allies including America. The once proud commonwealth has been mainly destroyed. Our manufacturing industry has been sold out to the Chinese and Japan plus serveral eastern European countries, our financial institutions are now being taken over by Arabic countries and our immigration and importation controls are a joke.  Not forgetting the brainwashing of our school children and universaties.

The next government need to get a grip on whats going on here and return to the core values that once made this country great. if not then we are rapidly becoming the next 3rd world country and I personally fear for the future of my grandchildren.

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