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30 Aug 2019 15:34

There is a full town council meeting next week (4th Sept). On the agenda is an item concerning the playpark. Looks like TDC have put forward alternative proposals and have indicated that a small playpark near the TIC (where the flower bed area is) would not be thought suitable for a variety of reasons.

Click on this link to see the report from the lawn working party which is on the agenda for next week's Dawlish Town council meeting.  


30 Aug 2019 18:48

The play park in Sandy Lane has been realy busy over the summer holidays and not enough equipment as children get agitated while they have to wait.

Thats where the money needs to be spent on a play park where children from homes around that area need a park not in the town where its quiet in the winter months. Common sence prevails.

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31 Aug 2019 06:41

I have gained the impression since this whole thing kicked off (circa 2014) that the argument for there being a playpark on the lawn is that it would help the those businesses located in the town centre.

If that is the case, then although there may be other areas that have plenty of space for a new super douper playpark (eg Sandy Lane playing fields/the Manor area) as neither location is in the town centre then neither can fulfil what I understand has been put forward as being the main purpose for there being a new playpark - namely to increase footfall in the town centre with a consequential assumed  increase in the amount of money being spent in town centre businesses. 

There has recently been a long thread running on Eyes of Dawlish concerning this whole subject. One thing I noticed amongst all the comments is that not one person mentioned the costs associated with all of this.


Surely how much any proposed playpark will cost (wherever its location), cost of maintenance (and who will maintain it) and cost of replacement of equipment should be a major factor.  Where will the money come from? When will the money be available? etc etc. 


I know Boris Johnson has suddenly found magic money trees seemingly sprouting up everywhere at the moment so p'raps someone should ask him if there is one for the proposed Dawlish playpark.   


Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
31 Aug 2019 10:46

At last, someone has seen sense which is outlined on the main page. It pretty much spells out the disadvantages of having a playground at that location. Yes, where is the money coming from is a great question? what with proposed plans for the elusive and never-ending debate of a new bandstand. Also proposed a new bridge linking the Lawn to Brunswick Place. In the great scheme of things if money is available from the Government I can assure you that Dawlish is not on the radar.

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