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Poop on the Lawn

Dawlish transplant
Dawlish transplant
04 Mar 2019 09:51

This is the second day in a row that someone has allowed their large dog (you can tell by the size of the defecation) foul the walkway near the happy hut at the Lawn - a mere couple of feet from the trash bin. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???? If you can't take care of your dog in a responsible fashion you have no right to have one. I'm sick of taking care of my dogs and having to watch out for someone else's laziness. It is YOUR responsibility, not the orange vest people, not other dog walkers. YOURS. It's bad enough we have to walk by all the trash left by the druggies and teenagers, we shouldn't have to deal with poop too. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG.

04 Mar 2019 10:15

It's everywhere on the footpaths in Brunswick Place the path along side the Brook to the lower Barton Car Park that part of the Car Park has loads everday last week there was a load outside the Post Office. 

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