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General Discussion

24 Jan 2019 18:53

Hi everyone, but of a strange one, I am wondering if any members of the Hawkins family who owned Golden Sands Holiday Park & Peppermint Park until 2003/2004 are active on this site at all?

I used to holiday there and my family used to go every year, had fantastic holiday memories there. Anyway, reminiscing recently with family and looking over old photos made me start a Facebook group into the site for people who used to holiday there or work there, to post pics, memories and get back in touch with old friends. 


Id like to get in touch with the Hawkins family about this!


if you can help, let me know!



25 Jan 2019 18:05

Robin & Sue Hawkins bought Woodbury Park & Gold Club and sold it a coupe of years ago. Their records are publicly available.


Guy Hawkins owned/ran Peppermint Park until about 2004. He also has public records

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