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06 Jan 2019 13:51

This site has turned into a political forum. I thought it was a forum about Dawlish. It is boring and repetetive.


06 Jan 2019 14:29

It is a forum for Dawlish, but the last time I looked Dawlish was part of the UK and therefore everything about Brexit affects Dawlish.  So until we reach the 29th of March 2019 people have the right to debate and show concern for the part their town will be playing in Brexit.  Our MP is a Brexiteer and the more we hear about how the EU elite are trying to strip countries of their ability to self govern the more the people want a say.  There will many leavers and remainers in Dawlish along with those who did not bother to vote and those too young at the time to have a say and they are doing it now.  If this was the 1930s with political unrest unfolding across Europe would you have then moaned that it was not right that the population of the UK should not discuss the issue?  This is a monumental moment in history for the UK and we all have to respect others rights to express themselves.  It will soon be over one way or another and all will return to the new normal, where town life will become the focus of peoples lives, but for now there is something bigger going on that will change everything.

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