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02 Jan 2019 11:24

In his column in the latest edition of the Dawlish Gazette, Mel Stride, the MP for Central Devon, gives some advice re a no deal Brexit for those businesses who trade with the EU.

This is what he says:


In the event of a no deal Brexit and

“ you are a business trading with the EU27 then you need to start taking action now.

Register for an EORI number (this is for customs registration), find a customs broker or freight forwarder who can do your customs declarations for your or alternatively get some software to do this and seek authorisation from HMRC.

Also think about informing any business transporting your goods that they may need to make a safety and security declaration.

Also think about the new duties which might now apply to the products that you export or import from the EU27. 

For more information see: Partnership Pack at ;


03 Jan 2019 18:44
07 Jan 2019 07:33

Click on this link to find out more about WTO terms of importing/exporting which is what the UK will  fall back on if there is a hard brexit. 


Info is useful for all of us not just those running import/export businesses.  

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