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Access for all - funding bid for Dawlish railway station

15 Nov 2018 07:48

Gary Taylor posted this on Eyes of Dawlish.  I thought people who look at this website might wish to see it as well. Please note that the deadline for emails of support is by the end of play today - Thursday 15th November.


 GWR Access for All funding bid for Dawlish station - can you help?

From: Mark.HopwoodGWR-MD <>

Dear Andrew [Dawlish Town Clerk]

We are finalising our bid to the Department for Transport (DfT) for Access for All funding and Dawlish is on our list for inclusion (it is in the top 20). The DfT criteria for awarding funding include stakeholder support and they specifically list local community support in that list.

You may have already contacted the DfT to log support for Access for All funding for each of the station, if so, it would be really helpful for the bid if you could send us a copy of your letter to include. If not, if you could consider sending us a very short note confirming that you support the station.

We need to submit the bid this Friday, and we would therefore like all emails and letters of support by close of play on Thursday (15 Nov) at the latest. I am sorry for the very short notice.

It does not have to be much, but any message of support will be great, and will help us to secure the funding for this key station.

No reason why we can’t include more than one email of support of course, so if you know of others, especially disability groups who might be able to help please feel free to approach them, and pass on my contact for reply. They must get back to me by end of the day on Thursday though.

Thank you



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