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General Discussion

10 Sep 2018 12:05

Section 106 money received -  Teignbridge District Council has received some more S106 money in from Cavanna Homes for 13/00943 South Downs Road Dawlish.

It is the 2nd 50% of £4,176.71 per dwelling towards the provision of recreation and play space facilities to serve the residents of the development comprising of the following elements:

Children’s play facilities £966.00 per dwelling

Outdoor facilities for teenagers £161.00 per dwelling

improvement to outdoor leisure facilities at Dawlish Leisure Centre £607.75 per dwelling

improvements to indoor sports facilities at Dawlish Leisure Centre £798.55 per dwelling

Upgrading existing open spaces at Oaklands Wood and Oaklands Park £1643.41 per dwelling

£4.176.71 x18 dwellings/2 x BCIS from 6 September 2013 = £50,714.62

The code is XW7 999 0097 and the spend by date is 5th July 2024 



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