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02 Sep 2018 08:10

I read an article about this fund in the paper yesterday and thought I'd bring what it said to the attention of readers of this site in case they have children/grandchildren born between the dates shown above.

Between the dates shown above, when the Child Trust Fund was in operation, every child received a voucher for £250 from the government to be put into the fund.

Thing is, that from what I have read, it seems that even if the parents didn't do anything about activating a Child Trust Fund the government did it for them. But a lot of these child trust funds (CTFs) seem to have got lost.

So.........there could be lots of children 'out there' who have money in a trust fund but they and their parents know nothing about it.


Lots of links about this on the internet if you just type in Child Trust Funds. 

Here's one that I found:

The proportion of these lost CTFs allocated by HMRC is significantly higher than those applied for by parents, the data found.

Accounts that have been automatically allocated by HMRC for children whose parents had not applied within one year of birth comprise more than quarter of the total.






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