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Berry Head car park

27 Jun 2018 12:57

I have started this new topic as I think it deserves a place of it's own.

It is showing me once again how LA's can lie with impunity and think they can get away with it. And that goes for smaller outfits such as a Town council. There is some knowledge of this from the topic, Playpark on the lawn.

I started to investigate what was happening to Berry Head car park when someone cried for help after receiving a PCN from a private parking company, at that time it was an outfit from Newton Abbot known as Premier park ltd. They quickly got out when they knew I was on their case. At that time I had not contacted Torbay Borough Council (TBC), I only contacted them after I obtained the official lease agreement between TBC and Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust (TCCT) The lies I got from TBC leagal department was not surprising. However I dug deeper, and discovered that sometime after Premier Park Ltd threw in the towel, TBC said that they had a request from TCCT to cancel the TRO which can only be made by a LA. (which shows that at one stage TBC must have been in control of this car park). TBC under strange circumstances, canceld the TRO which then allowed TCCT (They thought) could employ another private parking company to operate and control the car park. That private parking company is now Parkwithease. I have not contacted them yet.

I am not wishing to take any glory from this but to show you all just how deceitful, conspiring and misleading officers of all LA's are, when they are found wanting.

The lates in brief that I have got back from our MP is as follows:-

"Mr ------ has approched the authority on a number of occasions regarding the car park. As stated previously to him. the car park has been under the control of TCCT since the Trust took over the running of the Berry Head country park many years ago. The car park is leased to the trust and the authority has no involvement with the day to day running of the site". There are many lies in that statement alone and the deceit is the words, "this site". I am not talking about the site as a whole, just the car park, which has never been part of the lease agreement.

I have now written back to our MP (but I do not believe that she has as yet, had a sniff of what is going on, it would appear her case worker has been handling it).

So anyone who goes to the car park at Berry Head  (I know there is a couple who contribute to this site) have been paying to park to the wrong people.

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