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BBC coverage of 1950s born WASPI women

21 Jun 2018 07:37

If you are a WASPI woman or know of a WASPI woman who would like to take part in a tv feature about this issue please contact me via this website and I'll tell you how to progress.

I have received this message:

The BBC want to focus on any of the following:


  • Has got to her 60s, can’t afford to retire and has now found another job to fill the gap between her last career and her new retirement age
  • Is struggling to get a job to do the above, and finding it hard to make any savings (or benefits?) stretch until pensionable age
  • Has turned this into something good – ie gone back into education, started her own business, doing charity work, fostering etc
  • Is trying or has tried to take up the government offer of the ‘apprenticesips for 60-somethings’ last year
  • Is looking after children/grandchildren and older relatives – and worrying about how to keep paying for it all


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