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General Discussion

17 Jun 2018 11:12

Mid-day - 8pm at the Strand centre, The Strand, Dawlish.

Review looks at proposed planning in the district until 2040 and how development will be provided during that period.

Go along and have your say.

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21 Jun 2018 17:27

TDC are also seeking land for further development.

We are also undertaking a call for sites which is an invitation for landowners and land promotors to submit sites to be considered for development. If you wish to submit your site for assessment as part of the Local Plan Review, please fully complete the Call for Sites submission form at:

Any comments received through the consultation must be in writing which can be done through the completion of our online questionnaire at 5 via email at:

22 Jun 2018 09:44

Don't forget this is on today.

The Strand Centre - mid-day to 8pm


click on this link to see what is being prooposed for Dawlish


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