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Pics of this morning's walk around Dawlish.

28 Aug 2017 13:37


A lovely morning walk around Dawlish, until I witnessed the following at the end of the walk.

As I was walking past the tourist info centre at around midday. I spotted the most adorable golden spaniel puppy, a few months old, sitting between the legs of an adult male who was sitting on the wall opposite the centre. As I walked past the the male struck the puppy on the nose with the end of the braided lead, sufficient to make the pup yelp each of the several times he did it. I could see no reason why he should decide to inflict such a punishment on such a young pup, there are some masty people out there.

Right, needed to vent below.


IMG 4383




IMG 4381


IMG 4385


IMG 4387


IMG 4374


IMG 4370


IMG 4361


IMG 4376


IMG 4371


IMG 4375


IMG 4372


IMG 4329 V


IMG 4330


IMG 4354


IMG 4357


IMG 4353


IMG 4348


IMG 4347IMG 4343


IMG 4331


IMG 4332


IMG 4323


IMG 4298


IMG 4388


IMG 4318


IMG 4317


IMG 4300



Diana Mond
Diana Mond
28 Aug 2017 14:30

Nice pictures. What did the cruel dog owner say when you challenged him about his vile behaviour?

2 Agrees
28 Aug 2017 14:59

Lovely pictures DEEDOODLE. What a nasty man did you not have something that you could have wacked him on the nose with?

1 Agree
29 Aug 2017 08:58

@Diana Mond - i did not challenge him, what do you think some one with that mentality will do to the liitle pup after i had vented in front of him, i hate to think.

@ZIGGY - i did, i have 2 very large fists attached to 2 very large arms on two very large shoulders, but the only thing that would have produced would have been me in the back of a police car. don't get me wrong the thought of punching him on the nose and many other things ran through my mind at the time, but i would be no better than him if i had.

1 Agree
29 Aug 2017 09:33

Yes, lovely pics DEEDOODLE, well done.  Showing our town in its best light.

2 Agrees
29 Aug 2017 13:42

@Daverc - appreciated.

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