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Wednesday Open Market/Car Boot, Dawlish Warren - Cancelled permanently?

10 Jun 2017 15:24

Anyone know if this is permanently ended?

I went along to it this Weds. There were very, very, few market stall holders in fact they were easily out numbered by the car boot sellers. I put the lack of open market sellers down to the bad weather.


However, Thursday/Friday this week I got told that the signs advertising the open market that were placed in the field where it gets (got?) held had been removed.


Now there is an advert in this week's Dawlish Post saying that the market has been cancelled.


Anyone know what's going on? 



10 Jun 2017 19:30


Car Boot Sales and Open-Air Market - Weather permitting!

Open Air Market & Car Boot - Every Wednesday from June 1st until late September. Market from 9am - 4pm, and Car Boot from 1pm - 4pm. on Warren Road near the Langstone Cliff Hotel (on the way to Dawlish town), 5 minutes walk from the beach!  Contact: 07831 254985 or 01179 790412 for trader information.

Car Boot - Every Thursday at Warren Farm on the Warren Road from June 9 (to be confirmed) until mid-Sptember. From 3pm - 6pm  (Tel: 07790 908548 (April - Oct) for info.)  


12 Jun 2017 10:41

@flo - many thanks

Have just phoned the tel no for the Weds market. The person I spoke with confirmed that the Wedneday market is now cancelled permanently. Not enough take up to make it financially viable apparently.


Thursday boot fair still running (different organisers) but subject, as always. to weather conditions.   

13 Jun 2017 07:56

And apparently the bootfair held in Sainsbury's car park on some Sundays during the summer will also no longer be running.     

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