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20 Apr 2017 18:48

How come the drunks and druggies arestill inhabiting the shelters on the lawn. I have had verbal abuse for no reason. Also the other day They were shoplifting in Costcutters, One of the girls had to ask them to leave, I worry about females having to deal with them with no back up.  Every time we are told it is under control back they come. Not a great advert for Dawlish.


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24 Apr 2017 15:28

How come? The breakdown of society, an ideology of austerity, a lack of compassion, desparation., political apathy., crime as a last resort, drug abuse as a means of temporary escapism from a harsh reality.. leading to an unsafe environment...same story all across fragmented Britain.


The amount of agrees to the original post is not a great advert for Dawlish

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