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General Discussion

31 Mar 2017 10:53

Worrying story in the Gazette this week about staff cuts at DCC.  The school also seems to be under capacity by amost 200 students and didn't have a good result in the recent OFSTED report. What's going on? Is it all due to Government cost cutting or is the school not doing well under current administration or both?

31 Mar 2017 11:07

click on this link to read the whole OFSTED report (not just selected bits).

31 Mar 2017 15:19

Also have a look at the latest edition of the Dawlish Post (that's the freebie that comes through the door and which can also be picked up free at some of the estate agents in town. Although it will cost you 50p if you buy it from a newsagent).

Look at page 3 and then the editorial and letters on page 8.  

31 Mar 2017 19:15

Like others who may read this, we have recently had some party political leaflets pushed through our letter box (county council elections on May 4th don't you know).

As I write this I do not know the complete list of candidates (to be published early April I believe).

So I (and others of us) may yet receive leaflets from more  candidates but to date I have only received 1 x  leaflet from the Conservatives and 1 x leaflet from the Lib Dems.

With regards to education, the Conservative leaflet makes no mention of the cuts to the funding of state schools and how this will impact on our local Dawlish ones. The only reference the Conservative leaflet makes to education is to point out that Radcliffe School now has a new classroom block.

The Lib Dem leaflet however does refer to the funding of our schools. Under the heading of Let's Get Devon Schools Properly Funded! It goes on to say that:

" The government pays schools in Devon "£290 a year LESS for each child than the national average. Under the government's new 'Fairer Funding' plan Dawlish Community College will lose £34,000. 

On top of that, the Conservatives running Devon County Council plan their own extra cut to schools, taking away £2.2million. This is a £33.00 cut for every child."  


This week's Dawlish Post (see page 3) gives the following figures for how each school will be impacted (ie how much each school will lose) by way of Devon County Council proposals. Remember that the amount quoted below is on top of how much each school may lose due to the new fairer (ahem!) funding scheme.


Cockwood Primary School - set to lose £3,135

Dawlish Community College - set to lose £22,044

Exminster Primary - set to lose £12,210

Gatehouse Academy - set to lose £12,111

Kenn Primary - set to lose £3,069

Kenton Primary - set to lose £3,267

Starcross Primary - set to lose £6,171

Westcliff Primary - set to lose £11,055







01 Apr 2017 08:53
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