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23 Nov 2016 22:22

A ban on letting agent fees, great news. Shame they didn't scrap Right to Buy and use the money to pay off some of the national debt instead.


Very nice crib. 


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24 Nov 2016 17:55

I've always thought it unfair for agents to charge prospective tenants in excess of £200 for a £2 credit reference and an employers reference that costs nothing but a postage stamp. I'm pleased that those who rent will no longer be exploited by excessive agent fees. It would also be  good if the law was changed so that landlords also have to provide a financial reference to show that the property is not about to be repossessed and references from previous tenants so that prospective new tenants can assess whether the landlord is likely to be reliable when it comes to repairs etc. Tenants are the customers and most deserve a much better service than they currently receive for the thousands they pay out.

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