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Carhaix Way/Link road

Magic Mushroom
Magic Mushroom
15 Sep 2016 17:28

Overheard a discussion between a fellow resident and the contractors carrying out kerbing work on the town side of Carhaix Way this afternoon, the contractors have 5 weeks to complete the replacement of kerbs and Tarmac the road, which includes the marrying up of both side of the estate road (the huge difference in height from both sides) to enable it to become a through road!

No electronic bollards or barrier, it's going to be a through road!

So that's an end to peace, quiet, safety for the children and animals that live here.....thanks for nothing TDC, I hope who ever decided this will be the first person to come around and apologise when an animal or child gets mowed down by some in a hurry commuter late for work and using the estate as a rat-run......bloody disgusting underhanded tactics, you should be ashamed of yourself!

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ShyTalk 47
ShyTalk 47
15 Sep 2016 23:08

Yes, there is unfortunately the risk of it becoming a rat-run.  But the entire Bovis/Cavanna estate, which is currently only a cul-de-sac, is served virtually entirely by that other rat-run:  Elm Grove Road, with its two schools.  The residents there will breath a mighty sigh of relief when the always-planned alternative access is at last opened.

For currenty 'trapped' residents on the Bovis/Cavanna estate, heading in the Sainsburys/Exeter direction, the long-promised alternative will cut vehicle travel by a full mile each way.  (Maybe more speed-humps could be usefully installed - there is already one on Roscoff Road.)

The future worry, though, for the residents of BOTH our estates is that construction traffic for the next tranches of housing on Gatehouse Farm, etc.,, will find the route useful !!!  The developers of those three new estates are being allowed to start work  well before they build their essential relief road to the Sainsburys Roundabout.  When that is eventually built (don't hold your breath!) there will be no benefit for us Bovis/Cavanna residents to use your Carhaix Way to travel in the Exeter direction (or to town!).

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