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Sandy Lane

30 Jul 2016 13:18

I think the hedge is in need of a cut.


Sandy Lane July 2016 004


Sandy Lane July 2016 003

30 Jul 2016 15:48

Same all over Teignbridge. You just have to have a walk around the town. We want holiday makers to go away to tell others what a little gem Dawlish is.

T.C.C you need to get your finger out of that tight little pink purse of yours and spend the tax payer's money on things that are essential and not on one off projects that would be nice if everything else was being looked after. 

I feel embarrassed to admit I live in Dawlish with the state it's in.

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Morty Vicker
Morty Vicker
30 Jul 2016 18:50

It's the same all over the country. Not just here. 

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31 Jul 2016 09:24

If I remember correctly any council must observe the hedgerows regulation act from 1997, which means they have to leave cutting/removing of hedgerows and trees from the 1st of March until the 31st of August, this is for the protection of nesting birds and wildlife. There is i'm sure certain times when public health and saftey could over ride this but that would require a council meeting to get approval and we all know how long that would take teignbridge council to get anything organised !

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