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18 May 2016 15:57

This was announced in today's Queen's Speech.

I've put it on here as, like the new Housing and Planning Act, what it contains may well impact

on Dawlish given all the new housing that is planned for the town.


Talk about shifting sands!


Scroll down to pages 19& 20 - here is the link  

19 May 2016 09:15

So, in a nutshell, taking out all the fluff...they are going to declaw local planning departments so that developers can dictate what they want over what the local people do not want.

The diamond in all this guff is that it will be easier to complulsory purchase land/buildings that the developers want to demolish/develop.

I love the way the 'government' has pledged a £100 billion, they are so generous with the money they don't have. Currently the U.K. debt is tipping around £1.85 TRILLION pounds at a cost to the taxpayer of around £5,000 a second in interest. Talk about denile, the 'government' has this in bucket loads.

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20 May 2016 07:48
On the compulsory purchase bit of this bill:
The government is going to reform the CPO process so that landowners receive today's market value of property, rather than its future value. 
Which would mean that landowners, farmers, and individual property owners could see their compensation fall significantly under the new compulsory purchase orders. point in buying farms and farming land and waiting it out until the land is needed for housing. Cos it seems that all you'll get back is the land's present agricultural value and not its future housing value.  
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