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wonder why these trees have been cut?

15 May 2016 11:52

Why have these been cut 002


This lovely silver leaf tree, not sure of the name but always sparkled when the sun was shining.


Why have these been cut 001


And this plum tree opposite which had just finished blossoming.

Farty Bickers
Farty Bickers
16 May 2016 08:01

@ZIGGY - such an unwanted act of vandalism, in my opinion. i can see no reason why anyone would go to this effort to butcher these trees. if the council had done it they would have left all the branches strewn around. as they have done above boat cove in dawlish.

I believe the silver leaf tree is on the railway companies boundary line and the plum in the farmers field.

Maybe the council, if they were responsible, would like to advise the reasoning behind it.


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16 May 2016 08:31
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Farty Bickers
Farty Bickers
17 May 2016 11:26

@ZIGGY - i would assume from the evidence that it was the council, or should i say the cheapest sub contractor they employed through the bid system for contracts.

Does the council (which ever one it is) ever check the poor quality of work done by some of these contractors. A case in point is Badlake hill. A couple of years ago it was resurfaced over a period of a few weeks. All the contractors did was to spray hot asphalt on the original pot holed surface and a sprinkling of crushed rock or something similar. This lasted about a month before it was exactly the same way it was before the surfacing work. Although there were small heaps of the crushed rock dotted around the road where it had been pulled up by the tyres of vehicles.

Don't get me started on the state of the expensive paving slabs on the high street, they just look like grey concrete. When the council tried to clean them with a machine it just left swirls of gey instead. It seems that all the council's (that being local, district, etc) efforts to improve Dawlish just seem to go one step forward and two steps back in each project.

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