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Message from Teignmouth and Dawlish Neighbourhood Police

01 May 2016 17:24

We have received information from a member of the public regarding an area which is being used for drug taking and underage drinking in Dawlish, by Elm Grove Road in the wooded area. This is an area where child sexual exploitation is a high risk.

There were approximately six ‘dens’, some of which had remnants of alcohol and drug use. As a result, we have taken remedial action, dismantled some of the 'dens’ which have evidently been used for alcohol and drug consumption and begun to contact appropriate authorities who own the land. A rubbish clear up in the area has begun through dedicated volunteers. We are also in the process of identifying youths who are attending this location on a regular basis.

We received similar information from another member of the public last weekend with youths who had planned a ‘party’ for drug taking and underage drinking. We acted on this information and will continue to act on information provided from members of the public, particularly regarding safeguarding concerns and protecting the vulnerable.

This area will be actively monitored, the obvious concerns irrespective of the criminality is the exposure of these young people to drugs and the linked issues such as child sexual exploitation. Do you know where your children are tonight?


02 May 2016 08:36

Walked the dog over there for many years and never seen any den's for dinking and drug taking. Any correlation between the local new builds and this activity?

02 May 2016 08:58

Did the person who called the police about this call 101 and if so how long did they have to wait for it to be answered!

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