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New fine art gallery for Dawlish?

21 Apr 2016 07:20

That's what the notice in the window of the shop on the corner of Strand Hill and Exeter Road 


That's the shop that used to be the Animals in Distress charity shop and where a taxi business 

wanted to set up.

Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
21 Apr 2016 08:00

Met a nice lady last night who, from her appearance, looked like she had just finished a fine piece of work for the gallery.


'Wet paint' she advised, cheerily.


As it happens, she was talking about the window sills - but whatever, it's a good position for passing trade. Deserves to be a success.

21 Apr 2016 15:45

Went passed it again today.

See there is a sign saying it will open on the 22nd (tomorrow, Friday) at 12 noon.

21 Apr 2016 17:59

Good luck to them, hope they do well.  Love Laura's Wall's work in Teignmouth.

I still remember this shop as Levis though!

Morty Vicker
Morty Vicker
22 Apr 2016 07:52

The place was full last night for what was presumably the artists preview evening.

Like Flo, I'm also a fan of Laura's work and am proud to own some of her work. I saw her yesterday and her latest piece looking down from Eastcliff is going to be brilliant! The detail is ridiculous.


She says that she's looking forward to doing even more local commissions this year - including one in Dawlish, which I'm really looking forward to seeing!



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