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General Discussion

11 Apr 2016 10:50

Does anyone have any knowledge of when (date) and for what reason(s) a hospital was first built at Langdon?


All I can find is this 

and this





11 Apr 2016 14:36

There is also this TDC document dated March 2010 concerning whether  the land at

Langdon Hospital is suitable (or not) for development.

11 Apr 2016 15:13

In the 1930s, properties at Dix's Field, Exeter and Steepway, Paignton were purchased for use as domestic training hostels for young women. A farm hostel was founded on Langton Farm at Dawlish and a seaside holiday home was opened. In 1948, the institution was transferred to the National Health Service, and became merged into the Royal Western Counties Institution Hospital Group, which coordinated all the residential mental deficiency services. The institution came under the control of Devon Area Health Authority from 1974, and of Exeter Health Authority from 1982.

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