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General Discussion

Dawlish Town Council meeting - Weds. 6th April 2016 - Agenda

03 Apr 2016 08:46

Think there might be some agenda items of interest on Weds. Take a look.



1 Apologies for absence
2 To receive and consider requests for dispensation
3 Devon & Cornwall Police - To receive the report of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary 
for the parish.
4 Minutes - To approve, sign and adopt the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 
2 March (attached). 
5 Minutes of Committees for adoption
To receive the Minutes of the following Committees for adoption:
 Planning Committee – 11 February and 3 March 2016
 Civic Amenities Committee 17 February 2016
 Finance and General Purposes Committee – 25 February 2016
6 Town Mayor’s Announcements - To receive the Town Mayor’s announcements.
7 County Councillor’s Report - To receive a report from the County Councillor. 
8 District Councillors’ Reports - To receive the reports of District Councillors.
9 Town Councillors’ Reports - To receive the reports of Town Councillors.
10 Neighbourhood Plan for Dawlish - To receive a progress report.
11 Community Helipad -To receive a progress report from the working group.
12 Repairs to the outflow and sea wall – To note that Network Rail has accepted the 
invitation to speak at a future meeting of the town council.
13 Problem at Secmaton Lane - To approve draft letters (previously circulated and 
attached) to South West Water and Teignbridge District Council.
14 Access to Elm Grove Road - To note the decision of Teignbridge District Council 
regarding the proposal to change the access to Elm Grove Road from Exeter Road.
15 Access for Refuse Vehicles – To note the response from Teignbridge District Council 
regarding difficulty of access for large refuse vehicles in narrow lanes.
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