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Cancer and end of life charities in the South West

18 Mar 2016 08:04

Im finding that despite seeing lots of collecting boxes and charity shops and other types of advertising, when it comes down to it none of the major cancer/end of life charities actually have anything pratical to offer in the South West.

Whillst their online chat and telephone services can offer good advice none seem to have people or servicies on the ground in our area.

These include McMillan, Maggies, MarieCurie and others

Just something to think about when your giving your loose change away

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18 Mar 2016 21:29

FORCE offer a range of practical services for people with cancer, and their carers, at RDE hospital. I found them very helpful and supportive when I was nursing relatives through this dreadful disease. RDE hospital run oncology trials that are funded through research grants supplied by major charities, often in association with the University of Exeter. Having worked professionally in medical research, I do agree that donations are not always finding their way into research, development and services for their intended population though. University administration and 'accommodation' costs take out a significant chunk of most grants made to researchers. Bureaucracy and corporate greed sadly impede scientific progress.

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