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Road works for the next 62 weeks at Countess Weir, Exeter

07 Mar 2016 08:11

As there has been talk on here about the narrowing of the A379 main road in Dawlish I thought I would start a new thread about the above.


The road at Countess Weir, because it needs widening, will be reduced to single lane traffic for the next 62 weeks so that the necessary roadworks can take place. 


That road is always nose to tail at rush hours throughout the year and on Saturdays and bank holidays during the holiday season.


So imagine what it will be like now that it has been reduced from two lanes to one. frown


(Oh and don't forget those two music festivals due to take place at Powderham in the summer and all the additional traffic that will generate).

Such a pity there isn't a request rail stop at Powderham.

Now there's an idea.............

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