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General Discussion

14 Feb 2016 15:00


It has been decided upon by the Committee that we will have to postpone the event until 2017. There have been many deciding factors upon this decision that we would like to share with you.

Though initially the support and funding that we were promised was not obtained, and we felt that it could not be obtained in order to put on a successful event this year.

Some people who agreed to help, support and organize some of the larger areas, unfortunately couldn't commit to the time consuming and attention that it needed.

Official items such as putting together a company by limited affiliation and other important forming factors, proved to be difficult and struck with delay and hic-ups.

WE DO WANT TO PUT THIS EVENT ON FOR 2017!! If you are SERIOUSLY interested in COMMITTING your time and EXPERTISE to this event, please contact us via our Facebook page.

We further hope to be hold a meeting later on the year to discuss the following year and way forward!

Do you know someone who would love to get involved? Do you yourself have the time and passion? Get in touch.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported and worked so hard to achieve the current standards, and to the Town Council and other professionals who's support has been kindly received.

Lets not make this the end of something that could be so great, let's make it the reason to get together and put something spectacular on for Dawlish!

For anyone on Facebook who wants to keep up to date or volunteer go to - 



14 Feb 2016 15:06

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