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Done up house on Exeter Road

25 Dec 2015 08:36

Took advantage of the lovely weather on Christmas Eve and walked back from town along the sea wall.  If the weather is kind over the holidays and any of you do the same take a look up at where that run down detached house was, just up from the railway line and just before you get to the terraced houses if walking from town.

I know work was taking place on it but it seems it has now finished. Wow! wow! wow!. Hats off to whoever who has done/designed all that work. It now looks fantastic.

Happy Christmas everyone.      

25 Dec 2015 09:45

Lynne - thanks for the info, I'll have a look when I next go past and get a few pics to post.

27 Dec 2015 17:41

As promised.




Lovely work by those that renovated tho old house. A house to be very proud of.

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28 Dec 2015 12:45

It's amazing. Just added a few pics from the opposite side.


Working on old house in Exeter Road 001




Working on old house in Exeter Road 002



Working on old house in Exeter Road 003



Working on old house in Exeter Road 004

29 Dec 2015 06:51

Thanks for posting Ziggy. I had a chat with the builder early November and went and had a look. Oh to have £££'s to buy it.


Have a great 2016 and to everyone on here also. 

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29 Dec 2015 09:58

So then Dawlish grapevine, anyone know if it has been done up to be sold or if the person who owns it will

be moving in/has moved in? 

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