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How not to make money!!

27 Jun 2015 21:12

We have attended Dawlish Music Festival as advertised on here and many other places, it has been a good humoured and supported event from what we could see through the afternoon, but, on wanting some good old fashioned chip shop chips at 8.35 on our way home we are astonished and extremely disappointed because of the following, one of the chip shops was closed, another said he was going to run out of chips before he got to us in the 3 person queue and all that was left was Baileys, which as a local you know and from recent experience last week, are more like oven chips than chip shop chips. Do businesses not know a good thing when they are served it on a plate!!!!

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27 Jun 2015 22:23

It's always been the same and will probably never change as they say that's Dawlish maybe that's why we love it so.

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